What does the future hold for offshore call centres?


Since the late 90s, driven by evolving markets and a need to reduce costs, there has been a fast-moving trend of companies outsourcing aspects of their operations to offshore call centres. These call centres have gravitated towards India and the Philippines, two emerging economies that provide sound infrastructure and favourable setup conditions.

So, how are these two countries faring as international call-centre hubs? And while we’re at it, what are the future prospects for call centres at home and abroad?

The current offshore market in both India and the Philippines is dominated by a combination of locally owned centres as well as call centres that operate under overseas investment and expat management. 

The locally-owned call centres struggle with a reputation for poor service quality. They have also faced significant criticism for the calibre of their locally-recruited middle management rendering them, in the eyes of many overseas companies, unfit for purpose.

The partnership between local call centres and overseas investors produces a more balanced structure that adapts better to the demands and expectations placed upon them. These partnerships tend to promote a management structure that includes an expat influence, thereby improving communication and cooperation between the call centre and its overseas clients. 

To put this into context; if an Australian company wants to outsource its lead generation to an offshore call centre, they are more inclined to opt for a call centre that offers the benefits of having an Australiana management team on the ground.

Over the next few years, as margins at home are squeezed and companies look to cut costs, the expectation is that more and more companies will start outsourcing to offshore call centres. Areas being outsourced could include anything from sales and lead generation to inbound customer support.

IF Outsourcing provides Australia’s leading offshore call centre solution by offering a high quality, cost-effective service overseen by an Australian management team on the ground. All clients are also provided with a Melbourne-based account manager. 


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