Paying by smartphone: The pros and cons of tap and go


Paying bills through the smartphone and Tap and Go is the latest trend, which is at the forefront of the technological advances taking place in numerous countries.

Under such circumstances, if your company’s payment accepting facility does not cover the smartphone option, then your business might suffer its consequences in the future. In order to accept the new mobile tap and go payment systems, you n need a tap and go ready terminal. IF EFTPOS provide these from the CBA bank and have the only mobile TAP and GO terminal on the market (accurate at time of blog release). See: for full details. You can pull-in more customers by adopting the smartphone bill payment facility for your business. People are switching over from laptops and computers to the pretty handy smartphones of the sophisticated kind. The ipads and tabs are used by more number of people these days along with android. It is quite evident that people are going to be more interested in the future to get things done on the go using the smart phones for bill payments. It gets easier, quicker and simpler that way. 

Right from the electricity and water bills to grocery stores taking tap and go payments, everything is taken care of, without the need to stand in long queues. In this high-tech world, people want all their tasks to be done with jet-lighting speed. Hence paying bills through the smartphone is a viable option for most people. This results in hassle-free living. Apart from playing games, watching movies, listening to music and many other things, if a person is able to pay bills through the smartphone, there’s nothing more convenient. Even if an individual wants to take life slowly, his work-load and work commitments don’t allow him to do so. Every individual needs money to live and working for it is mandatory.  The work commitments have to be met, irrespective of the individual’s commitments elsewhere, like to his or her spouse or family. Under such circumstances, these technological advancements come to the rescue of the individual. 

So in short, if your company lacks behind and does not provide Tap and Go payment facilities, you may lose your customer-base in the long run!    

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