Lead Generation and Social Media


With the increasing reach of social media, more and more brands are utilising the platform provided by various social networks for lead generation. So whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest or Google+, these are now not only a platform to connect with people but to attract customers as well.

But to do it right you need to strategise and prioritise to reach and engage the right customers. A few best practices for lead generation on social media which could be a good idea for you to follow are:

First of all, create realistic and achievable goals for lead generation both for short and long term. A good way to set goals is to keep past performance in mind and then project the future. 

Engage with your audience, open the avenues for exchanging ideas over social platforms will not only increase your visibility but credibility as well. Do not be repetitive with the information that you share but be creative in the way you share it. 

For creating visibility, customise the number of posts on different platforms. For example, increased number of posts in a day for twitter would be alright but not for Facebook and LinkedIn. Also, engage through group discussions on platforms like LinkedIn, as it is the place where a great amount of networking is possible.   

Do not just be a product that sells but a presence in the mind of customers that shows an understanding for people’s needs and requirements.  

Do not forget to follow up. To attract a new customer or to create a long lasting relationship with an existing client, keep the conversation going. 

It is equally important to evaluate the results of lead generation activities on different media. You need to analyse which platform is most effective for your business in generating leads. It will not only help you in prioritising future goals but optimise your returns on investments. 

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