Google's Android Pay lands in Australia


With more phones now set to be able to make payments it's vitally important that your business has EFTPOS.

Google has launched its mobile payment system Android Pay. It allows Android mobile phone users the ability to pay for purchases using their mobile device. Instead of carrying an EFTPOS card or credit card, users can simply swipe their Android enabled mobile handset against a contactless enabled merchant terminal in shops across the country. It comes just 8 months after Apple launched Apply Pay in Australia.

EFTPOS terminals that do not support contactless transactions will not be able to accept payments from Android or Apple Pay. Contactless technology is often referred to as Paywave or Paypass. These are the names given to it by VISA and MASTERCARD respectively. If you haven't got a contactless enabled merchant service check out IF EFTPOS for a quick solution.

At the time of writing only one of the big four banks, ANZ supports Android Pay. A total of 25 banks have signed up and Westpac have been talking about supporting it for some time now.

Android plans to allow apps to integrate and utilise the payment system directly from within an app. Apps at the forefront of this include Kogan, Deliveroo, Domino's and Catch of the Day.

With this technology now embedded in todays latest phones, it won't be long before other banks jump onboard and allow payments straight from your mobile phone.

If your business hasn't got EFTPOS or hasn't upgraded to contactless technology, get in touch with our friends at .

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