Convenience stores queue up to get an ATM installed


Getting an ATM installed is becoming a popular way for convenience store owners to generate an additional revenue stream and boost their bottom line.

In the current financial climate, convenience store owners are becoming increasingly aware of the importance in diversifying and identifying extra ways to increase earnings.

Installing an ATM is an easy and effective way to not only enhance the existing business but to also create an additional income channel. 

Andrew Branson is the director of the Melbourne-based ATM supplier, IF ATM. One of the areas the company specialises in is the provision of ATMs to the convenience and retail store sectors. 

“By getting an ATM installed, store owners are not only generating extra income but they are also strengthening their core business” Andrew said.

“Having an ATM installed will increase footfall, increase in-store spending and reduce EFTPOS costs. When you add to this the fact that, through IF ATM, it’s free to get the machine installed it really is an attractive prospect for any convenience store owner.”

The additional revenue stream for the store comes from earning a commission off every transaction that goes through the ATM. 

There are different installation options available for those stores wishing to take up the opportunity of getting a machine and they vary depending on individual circumstances and requirements. 

“Taking into account all the benefits that are brought in by having an ATM installed and the fact they come at no cost to the business, it’s no wonder that so many convenience store owners are signing up” concluded Andrew.

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